Meet Tagumedica

Keeping a positive attitude allows us to achieve our goals.


We are a Peruvian company specialized in production and commercialization of surgical devices under our own brand Tagum. We also represent several leading international manufacturers of high quality, efficacy and safety medical technologies and biomedical equipment for open surgery, minimally invasive surgery, critical care, cardiovascular diseases and the fight against cancer.

Our more than 20 years of experience, the close relationship with our users and clients, together with a high level of service, allow us to facilitate the best medical products to health professionals to performg the noble work of providing a sense of wellbeing and saving the lives of their patients.

Our Cornerstones

Positive Attitud

Which promotes harmony, tolerance and friendly treatment, that is why we encourage empathy, service attitude, good aptitude and team spirit in our professionals.


with the healthcare professional as we create relationships of trust and offer products with high quality standards.


We work with integrity, loyalty and good faith, putting our values first.


For people, their beliefs, values and dignity. We listen to diverse opinions and communicate in a clear and timely manner.

Professional Development

We have a team of experienced professionals who involve in the constant training of users of health technologies, as we know this influences the performance and safety of our products.

Social Awareness

We watch over the well-being of patients and health professionals; we make sure that the best and most advanced medical technologies are available to specialized users for the benefit of our population.

Path of Excellence

Standards and Quality

Our high-quality standards have allowed us to obtain important certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ANMAT and Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM). It should be noted that these achievements have been possible because we have a highly trained multidisciplinary professional team specialized in the design, evaluation, production, distribution, commercialization and training in the use of medical devices.

In this way, we provide you with our own and represented brand product lines, together with our specialized professional service, in order to meet and satisfy all your requirements and needs on health technologies.

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