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La materia prima para el lino es la fibra liberiana de planta linácea (lino).
Por el origen de la materia prima, la superficie del lino es ligeramente desigual, garantizando una alta resistencia en el anudado.

Linen is a non-absorbable, surgical suture of natural origin obtained from the stem of Linum usitatissimum. It is made from the cellulose fibers. Its multifilament, twisted material is resistant to the action of tissue enzymes. The thread is provided alone, or it can be attached to 1 or 2 surgical steel needles.

Type of Absorption



Cream white




4/0 to 2


Ethylene oxide

Health Registration Number



Thread combinations with and without surgical steel needle.
Multipack in predetermined lengths and number of strands.
Available in boxes of 12, 24, and 36 units.

Linen suture is indicated for use in general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, gynecology, and obstetrics, and suturing in general.

  • For single use only. DO NOT RESTERILIZE.
  • Discard remaining strands.
  • Do not rub the strand with a surgical glove or with gauze.
  • Users should be familiar with surgical procedures and techniques involving non-absorbable surgical sutures before using the product.
  • Do not use the suture if the package is opened or damaged! Discard open, unused sutures.
  • For more information, please read the product’s package insert.
In handling suture materials, care should be taken to avoid damage from handling. Avoid crushing or crimping damage due to application of surgical instruments such as forceps or needle holders. Adequate knot security requires the accepted surgical techniques.

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