Woven polypropylene mesh for abdominal reinforcement

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Material composed of non-woven, porous, 100% polypropylene to facilitate tissue integration. Free of black spots or stains.

  • Long-term biocompatible material, with physical and mechanical characteristics which remain identical during implantation.
  • It does not shrink.
  • The areas of poor density enable a good colonization, thus limiting the amount of implanted material.

Sterilization Method 

  • By ethylene oxide
  • Do not resterilize.

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Shape Measure Presentation
Square 10.16 cm × 10.16 cm (4″ × 4″) 1 unit per box
Square 15.24 cm × 15.24 cm (6″ × 6″) 1 unit per box
Square 30.48 cm × 30.48 cm (12″ × 12″) 1 unit per box
Rectangular 24.40 cm × 35.56 cm (10″ × 14″) 1 unit per box
Other sizes as required by the user.


 This product is indicated for use in abdominal wall hernia repairs, eventrations, rectal and genitourinary prolapses, transparietal laparoscopic surgery, without visceral contact.


  • To prevent the formation of visceral adhesions, the contact of POLYPROPYLENE MESH with the viscera must be avoided.
  • For more information, please read the product’s package insert.


  • Before placing the POLYPROPYLENE MESH, the surgeon must be familiar with surgical techniques and with its specific applications and in-vivo properties.
  • Verify the package integrity before use in order to ensure sterility.
  • Do not use if the package is opened or damaged.
  • Do not use after the expiration date on the label.


The device should not be used on growing children, people with infectious diseases, or allergic to polymers.

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